Supercharge Your Business: Master Email Marketing!

(The Most Effective Marketing Tool For Over 20 Years!)

According to, email still outperforms every other marketing channel.

We wanted to do more than just communicate the value email marketing represents for South African Real Estate Agents. 

So we're creating an absolutely comprehensive guide to help Agents generate more revenue from email marketing.

We're leaving nothing out to make sure you have everything you need to succeed:

  • Choosing and setting up an email marketing system 
  • Protecting your reputation 
  • Growing your contact list of buyers and sellers 
  • Getting value from your list
  • Creating and improving on different kinds of campaigns
  • Measuring your email performance and enhancing your results.  
Get it first!
Getting Started
Everything you need to know to start sending marketing emails, confirmation emails, thank you emails and other communications to large numbers of potential buyers and sellers.
Create Your Plan
How to grow a contact list of buyers and sellers who are likely to make use of your services, send the right messages to the right people and protect your reputation as you go.
Measure Your Results
How to write compelling newsletters, educational emails, promotional emails and nurturing emails, and which ones to use depending on your email marketing goals.
Test Your Results
Understand email metrics like clickthrough-rate and click-to-open-rate, how to measure these and what you can do to make sure your emails deliver results that get better and better over time.
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